During the session with the alpacas, the students learn about alpacas and have the chance to pet them as well.

How much do you know about alpacas?

  • Gestation period: 335 - 345 days
  • Weight at birth:  10-20 pounds
  • Life Span: 15-20 years
  • Alpacas do not spit very often and only at each other, to signal displeasure at a herd member
  • Twin births are very rare
  • A baby alpaca is called a cria
  • Alpaca fleece has 22 natural shades ranging from black to silver and rose gray and white, from mahogany brown to light fawn and champagne. Alpacas can be bred for specific color.
  • alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic
  • Alpacas are indigenous to the High Andes of the South American countries of Peru, Bolivia and Chile
  • Alpacas are quiet, peaceful animals and make soft humming sounds to communicate


Useful Links about Alpacas:

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Want to hear what alpacas sound like?  Check on the following website:




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