During the session with the goats, the students learn that goats give milk similar to cows, and watch a demonstration of a goat being milked.  They also have the chance to pet the goats as well.

How much do you know about goats?

  • Gestation period: 145-155 days
  • Avg. Litter size: 2
  • Age at weaning: 3 - 6 months
  • Life Span: 8 - 15 years
  • Goats do not have any upper front teeth
  • Both male and female goats have beards
  • A female goat is called a doe
  • A male goat is called a buck
  • A neutered male is called a whether
  • Baby goats are referred to as kids
  • Goats have only two teats unlike cows which have 4

Useful Links about Goats:

Wikipedia - on Domestic Goats

Want to hear what a goat sounds like?  Please choose from the following:

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