Welcome to our Fair Exhibitor Entry Page!  Here you will find out all you need to know about entering in the fall fair whether it is your fruits and vegetables, livestock, baking, antiques, arts, crafts, etc.

To check out the entire prize book listings please click here:  2018 Fair Book


BAS Exhibitor Cards
Anyone entering exhibits in Departments 1 to 19, excluding class 6 of Dept. 9, 4-H Shows and any Youth Specials will be required to pay an $8 exhibitor fee to enter in the fair. If you win $16 or more, a (non-refundable) $8 will be retained as your exhibitor’s fee for the next year’s fair.
2. All such exhibitors will receive an exhibitor’s card to allow his/her free entry to the fair on Sunday and must show the card in order to pick up his/her exhibits [between 6:00 – 6:30pm].
3. Exhibitors will also receive 1 gate pass which is valid for entry on any one day of the fair.

BAS Memberships
Anyone wishing to be a member of the Binbrook Agricultural Society (BAS) must purchase an annual membership card for $9.00.  All new memberships must be purchased prior to July 1st, 2018 for the 2018 calendar year. This card will:
1. Be retained by the member for the current calendar year.
2. Grant free entry to the fair at any time.
3. Allow the bearer to vote at the annual meeting (if he/she was a member the previous year).
4. Allow the bearer to vote at any general or special meeting (if he/she was a member the previous 2 years).
5. Serve as an exhibitor card for the member. If the member exhibits and wins more than $16.00, a $9.00 (non-refundable) fee will be retained for the cost of their next year’s membership.
6. For persons under the age of 18, junior memberships are available with all of the same privileges as regular members, with the exception of voting rights #3 and #4 above.
7. All members will be asked to volunteer in the operation of the BAS and/or the Fair.

 Hold Harmless Agreement
Upon making an entry the Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Binbrook Agricultural Society, their members, agents and employees from and against all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits, or proceedings by any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to, all operations performed by or carried out by the Exhibitor, his agents, employees, or servants or anyone for whose acts he may be held liable, howsoever caused.

 Entry Forms
1. Make your entries early by mail, email, fax, online or personally to:
Binbrook Agricultural Society,
Box 244, Binbrook, Ontario, L0R 1C0
905-692-4003, fax 905-692-1434

2. Please note:  We are excited to announce that we are moving to a new fair program (Assist Expo as used by Ancaster, Rockton, Norfolk and many other fairs in Ontario).  We will announce online as soon as we have it up and running to accept entries in the 2018 Fall Fair.
3. Junior and Elementary exhibitors are not required to pay the exhibitor’s fee – unless entering in any Departments between 1- 19.
4. Exhibitors are allowed one entry per section with the exception of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits and wood carving which are allowed 2 entries per section.
5. When completing your entry form please only use the bolded words on the long descriptions.
6. The last day to submit entry forms is Friday September 7th, 2018. Early Bird Deadline is August 20th, 2018.
7. All completed entry tags will be mailed directly to exhibitors whose entry forms reach the fair office by August 30th, 2018 and whose postal code is not L0R1C0, L0R1P0 or LOR1W0. Anyone who resides with a postal code of LOR1C0, LOR1P0 or L0R1W0 will be expected to pick up his/her entry tags during office hours prior to September 11th, 2018. Tags will be ready 3 days after entry forms are received in the office.  Entries after August 30th, 2018 will be ‘pick up only’ regardless of postal code.  Check the website or call to confirm office hours.

Exhibit Placement Times
Entries are to be placed in the halls between 5 – 9pm on Thursday, September 13th, 2018. Entry tags must be attached securely to the entries.
2. Please enter by either the North Gate off Hwy 56 or the Elmer Davis Gate off Binbrook Road and park on the track to unload your exhibits. Then please move your car to the parking lot.
3. Livestock committees will be on the fairgrounds by 9am on Saturday and Sunday.
4. All livestock must enter by the North Gate off Hwy 56 and park in the infield.
5. No exhibits shall be allowed to be removed from the exhibition halls until Sunday, September 16th, 2018 between 6 – 6:30pm only. At 5:30pm, the exhibition halls will be closed to the public. Only exhibitors (a few at a time) will be allowed in to collect their entries and they must show their exhibitor card as proof of identity.

 Entry Fees
10% will be deducted from prize winnings (15% for cattle sheep and goats). $0.50 per entry must be paid in advance for poultry and rabbits.
2. No entry fees will be deducted from prize winnings in Department 20, 21, 4-H classes or
Class 6 of Dept. 6.
3. Entry fees are utilized to offset prize money expenses and to cover cost of feed for poultry and rabbits.

General Rules
1. Committees will take every precaution to ensure the safekeeping of all articles and animals brought as exhibits, but the exhibitors themselves take the risk of exhibiting them. Should any exhibit be lost, injured or stolen, though the committee members will give all the help they can, to fix or find the exhibit, they will not make any payment for the value of same.
2. In the event of insufficient funds, due to foul weather or other unforeseeable conditions, the BAS reserves the right to pay a reduced percentage of listed prize money.
3. In the event an error occurs in the printing of the prize list, the Directors have the authority to rectify same.
4. The fair board, show committee, and the judges, reserve the right to dismiss any livestock exhibit due to physical unsoundness or mistreatment.
5. All grains, seeds, hay, vegetables and fruit must be the property of the exhibitor, and have been produced on their farm or holding in the present year unless otherwise indicated. All animals must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor. All articles exhibited must be produced or manufactured by the exhibitor.
6. Any exhibitor violating any of the Rules & Regulations of the BAS shall forfeit the whole amount of their prize money.
7. Unless otherwise indicated, all prizes for specials in any department, class or section are sponsored by the BAS.
8. All trophies and awards will be presented to the winners at the Annual Appreciation and Awards Night on Saturday, November 10th, 2018 unless otherwise indicated.
9. All prize cheques will be ready for pick up between Monday October 1st, 2018 and Friday October 19th, 2018 during office hours. Any cheques not picked up during this time will be mailed out after November 1st, 2018. Please check website or call for office hours.
10. Proof of current insurance will be required to show livestock.

Gate Pass Policy
Gate Passes are distributed at the discretion of the Board of Directors. All gate passes must be surrendered at the gate. Membership cards must be presented for admission to the fairgrounds, but are retained by the bearer. It is the responsibility of the concession operator to distribute passes to their workers, or else the workers will have to pay full admission rate to gain entry.

All-weekend ADMISSION ONLY bracelets will be available for $16, from Monday August 20th – Wednesday September 12th, 2018, from the fair office. Note – for advance purchase only.


All-You-Can-Ride Bracelets are available for purchase from Campbell’s Midway on the Sunday of the Fair only at the Midway Ticket Booths.

How do you want to enter your Exhibits?


We are excited to announce that we are moving to a new fair program (Assist Expo as used by Ancaster, Rockton, Norfolk and many other fairs in Ontario).  We will announce online as soon as we have it up and running to accept entries in the 2018 Fall Fair.

Alternatively you will still be able to enter in person, by fax or email or by mail.  Please note that our paper entry forms will not be available until our online system is up and running as we may need to rearrange the format of the entry forms.  Again we will ensure we note online when they are available.   We thank you for your patience as we move ahead with this endeavour.

In Person

1. Print out the entry form needed for dept you are entering in.
**Please note:  If you are entering any livestock (Depts 1-6) please use livestock entry form**
2. Bring to the Fair Office During Office Hours to hand in.(Someone will also be available to answer any questions you might have)

By Fax or Email

1. Print out the entry form needed for the department you are entering in.
2. Fill it out.
3. Scan, save file and email to: info@binbrookagriculturalsociety.org
or fax to 905-692-1434.

By Mail

1. Print out entry form needed and fill it out.
2. Mail to:  Binbrook Agricultural Society, 2600 Regional Road #56, PO Box 244, Binbrook, Ontario, L0R 1CO.

Test Code – Ignore Below here



Sunday, September 16th
Chairperson: Bryan Ramsay 905-692-3343
Judge: Robert Fullerton
*Entry fee: 10% deducted from winnings
* Entry fee for Section 11: $50 due with entry.
*Maximum 2 entries per section per exhibitor.
*Proof of current insurance will be required.
*Exhibitors must provide their own straw.

Open to Belgian, Percheron, Clydesdale and any other Heavy Horse. Horses will be shown in the order printed.

Line Classes:

Prizes: 1st: $50, 2nd: $40, 3rd: $35, 4th: $20, $10

1. Brood Mare

Champion Team of Registered Mares    Prize: $85

2. Foal

3. Yearlings

4. 2 year Olds

5. 3 year Olds

6. Yeld Mare

7. Gelding - Any Age

Grand Champion    Prizes: 1st: $50, 2nd: $40

9. Youth Showmanship at Halter

Prize: A plaque in Memory of Doug Laidman

A plaque in memory of Doug Laidman presented to the winner of the Youth Showmanship


10. Small Fry Showmanship at Halter

Ages 10 and under. Must be accompanied by an adult.

Prizes for all exhibitors

Draft Breeds Hitch Classes:

11. Single Heavy Horse, Two Year Old Driving Futurity    Prizes: 1st: $50, 2nd: $40, 3rd: $35, 4th: $20, $10

Prize: $500 Added Money

Sponsorship: $500.00, Worldwide Security

12. 6 Horse Hitch    Prizes: 1st: $225, 2nd: $195, 3rd: $145, $95

13. 4 Horse Hitch    Prizes: 1st: $175, 2nd: $145, 3rd: $115, $85

14. Unicorn Hitch    Prizes: 1st: $120, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $80, $60

15. Team of Light or Heavy Grade Mares & Geldings    Prizes: 1st: $120, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $80, 4th: $60, 5th: $50, 6th: $40

16. Team of Registered Mares    Prizes: 1st: $120, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $80, 4th: $60, 5th: $50, 6th: $40

17. Heavy Horses Tandem Hitch    Prizes: 1st: $120, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $80, 4th: $60, 5th: $50, 6th: $40

18. Youth Driver-Cart    Prizes: 1st: $75, 2nd: $60, 3rd: $45, 4th: $30, 5th: $20, 6th: $15

Youth must be 18 years old or under as of January 1st, 2018

19. Lady Driver-Cart    Prizes: 1st: $75, 2nd: $60, 3rd: $45, 4th: $30, 5th: $20, 6th: $15

20. Single Light Harness or Heavy on a cart    Prizes: 1st: $75, 2nd: $60, 3rd: $45, 4th: $30, 5th: $20, 6th: $15