Our Sponsors

Being 100% volunteer driven, is very rewarding, but at the same time, doesn't always cover the real-world costs of running the organization, and it's associated events. Many local people, contribute their own time and money, for the good of the community.

If you'd like to help out, please feel free to either contact the office, or email to: sponsor@binbrookagriculturalsociety.org

In return, we'll happily list your contact information here as a sponsor, and/or put up your a company logo, for everyone to see.

(If you have already committed to sponsoring this year, and don't see your name here yet, feel free to email the above address and give us a nudge - we're all volunteers. )

2525 Hwy 56
Binbrook, Ontario L0R 1C0
Shontel Burchell - Store Owner


How about your name/logo here?



4349 Regional Rd 56, Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0
(905) 692-3592

2400 Hwy. 56, Binbrook, Ontario, (905) 692-4415

Andrew Bienhaus

Tel: (905) 819-8855
Fax: (905) 858-2881


Engineering, Design, IT Consultation

Boston Pizza
135 Upper Centennial Parkway
Stoney Creek,Ontario L8J 2T7 Tel: 905-664-8181

Softwood Shavings & Pellet Bedding
2825 South Grimsby Rd. #21
Fulton (Smithville), ON L0R 2A0

Toll Free: 1-800-350-8046
905-643-6167 - Fax: 905-643-7021
Email: jules@gmcfeeters.com

Binbrook Branch - (905) 692-7251
3030 Regional Road 56,
Binbrook, Ontario L0R 1C0


2668 Binbrook Road East  
Suite 101  
Binbrook, Ontario  
L0R 1C0  

...and for those without logos, we haven't forgotten your generous support.


Ace Tire Service, Stoney Creek

Adshead, Sharon


Alex, Ava, Cole and Sawyer

Anderson, Paul and Arlene

Ann’s Attic, Canfield

Armstrong Feeds Ltd.

Ashelm Farms

Athena Nails, Rymal Road East, Stoney Creek

Baker, Marjorie

Bartlett, Gail

Bennett’s Apples & Cider Ltd., Ancaster


Berkhout, Cathy

Bienhaus, Andrew, Connor, Pamela & Sean

Binbrook Country Quilters Guild

Binbrook Farmers’ Market

Binbrook Firefighters Association

Binbrook Grill, 3020 Binbrook Rd., Binbrook

Binbrook Insurance Brokers Ltd

Binbrook Women’s Institute

Blackheath-Binbrook Lions Club

Bowman, Lynne

Brenda Johnson, Hamilton City Councillor Ward   11

Brew Time, Upper James & Rymal & Stoney Creek

Burrows, Mae


Carter, Ron

Cedrone, Nino

Charbonneau, Laurel, Abigail, Travis and Kyle

Christine Crooks, Re/Max Escarpment Realty, Inc. Brokerage

CIBC, Binbrook

City of Hamilton

Clark Agri Services, Wellandport

Collins, Dave – Investors Group Financial Services

Connors Family

Connors, Joe

Country Quilters Guild

Court Family

Domenic’s Pizza, 3194 Hwy 56, Binbrook

Donald V. Brown Funeral Home

Dow AgroSciences Canada Incorp.of Blenheim

Dundas Animal Hospital 905-628-6821

Elwood Laidman Plumbing & Heating

Essence Nails & Spa, Binbrook

Farmers’ Dell Co-Op Preschool

Fleet, Julie

Fletcher Family

Fletcher’s Fruit Farms

Flynn, Allison

Fraccaro Dental Group

FreshCo, Binbrook

Fuchs, Gerry and Ruth

G. McFeeters Enterprises

G&H Wiley Ltd., St. Catharines

Glanbrook Chamber of Commerce

Golden Horseshoe Pork Producers

Grain Farmers of Ontario, District 6

Gris, Lucy

Hamilton Plastic Fabricators Ltd

Hamilton-Wentworth Dairy Farmers

Hamilton-Wentworth Federation of Agriculture

Hare’s Harness and Tack 905-899-3972

Harvey Armstrong Ltd.

Highland Country Market, Stoney Creek

Hoffer Mechanical Company

Home Hardware, Dartnall Rd, Hamilton

Houston, Alex

Julie Thompson Photography

Kelleher, Jerry

Kinnear, Vivian

Len’s Mills Store, Stoney Creek

Loro Enterprises

Lowden, Jean

MacNeil Communications

Maplebeck Farms

Martin, Hilde

Martin, Myrna

Martin, Ruth

Mary Maxim

Mayner, Carol

McDougall, Margie

Merritt Family

Milmine, Brad

Mitchell, Donna

Mitchell, Lorne and Family

Montreuil, Leo

Murphy, Deb and Larry

Murphy, Heather

Murphy's Country Produce

Music for Young Children, Nora Phalen

Niagara Goat Breeders Association

Nichols, Mya

NK™ Seeds

Normalean Farms, Carluke

O’Neil’s Farm Equipment

Oreskovic, Kylene

Ozlo’s Repair Shop

Phillips, Judith - Watkins Representative 905-563-7774

Phillips, June

Powell, Alicia, Jessica and Pat

Powell, Beth

Puddicombe Estate Farms & Winery, Stoney Creek

Pure Optical, 3015 Binbrook Rd 905-692-7714


Quiznos Subs

Ramsay, Bryan

Raxil MD

Rick Nichols General Carpentry

RBC, 2166 Rymal Road East, and Upper Gage & Mohawk

Roy-A-Lea Farms

Rush, Lorraine

Russell Smith Family

Ryan, Brooke and Sharon

Satellite Garden Centre, 1167 Rymal Road E, Hamilton


Shady Villa Farm

Sharple’s Greenhouses & Nurseries, Mount Hope

Shirlmar Farms

Silver Wok Chinese Food Restaurant, 2668 Binbrook Rd

Sinasac, Steve: Bee’s Bounty, Binbrook 905-692-5787

Slack Lumber and Supplies Ltd.

Smith, Lindy

Stanley Marshall Family

Stevens, Kimberly

Stickland, Zeda

Stirling, Earl and Mrs. H. A.

Switzer, Brad and Kay

Switzer, Brian

Switzer, Diane

Switzer, Melvin & Wilma

Szentimrey Seeds

TD, Binbrook Branch

Terra Greenhouse, 340 Hwy 20, Hannon

Terry Babij Google Street View | Trusted Photographer

Tigchelaar Orchards

Town Centre Pharmacy 289-286-0486

Turtle Jack’s, 125 Upper Centennial Parkway

U-Quilt-It, 8268 Hwy. #20, Smithville  905-957-2000

Vasseur, Gwen

Vic’s Fire Protection Services

Vicar’s Vice Restaurant, 2251 Rymal Rd. E, Stoney Creek

Village Centre Animal Hospital 905-692-VETS

Wabisa Mutual

Wark, Dennis

Wentworth Dairy Producers

White Flame Company, 10 Hempstead Drive, Hamilton

Whitwell Family

Windwood Place Family Dental Office 289-286-1827

Woodburn Women’s Institute

Young, John

Zaporzon, Dave

Zimmermann, Colleen