Main Agricultural Hall & Catering

Please note:  The Binbrook Ag Society (BAS) Volunteers are pleased to cater for your event.  You must have booked your hall rental prior to discussions with the BAS Catering Services.


To arrange rental of the hall, please call (905) 692-4003 or email
The hall will accommodate 350 guests or 175 – 225 with room for dancing.

A group of volunteers from the Binbrook Agricultural Society will cater for groups who rent the Agricultural Hall.  Please speak with the office staff for hall availability before arranging for catering services.

To discuss dining details, after you have reserved the hall, please call our office at (905) 692-4003, or email catering at:

Our meal is served “family-style” so no one ever leaves our hall hungry!! The cost for the basic menu is $19.00 per person, if you order one meat item, and $22.00 per person if you order 2 meat items.

Included in the catering prices are: dishes but not wine glasses, white linen tablecloths sized for our tables, paper dinner napkins, a PA. system, a cake table, and for weddings, a table skirt for the head table.

Menu Options

Carrot and Celery Sticks
Rolls and Butter
Your choice of Tossed or Caesar Salad

Your choice of either:
Roast Beef (with horseradish)
Stuffed Pork (with applesauce)
Turkey with Stuffing (with cranberry sauce)

Accompanied by:  Mashed Potatoes

Choice of 2 Vegetables:
Corn, Peas, Beans, Mixed Vegetables or Baby Carrots

Choose from Pie and Ice Cream
Sherbet with Cookies or Cake

Served with Tea or Coffee